Design etc.

I’m a writer and designer with an enthusiasm for branding, event planning, and the Oxford comma. Went off to college with plans to be a lawyer and somehow ended up in publishing. (Long story involving a glass of Grand Marnier and a t-shirt shop owner.) Based in Cape May, New Jersey specializing in design for hospitality and small businesses.

I’ve been at the helm of multiple brands, including a destination travel website, a lifestyle magazine, a city-wide restaurant week, and numerous fiction writing events. I also design ads for a variety of businesses in the Cape May area. InDesign is a close personal friend at this point.

I also proofread, beta read, and edit

I’m available for proofreading, beta reading, content editing, and copy editing. Besides writing, this is my favorite kind of work.

My approach. I know firsthand the stomach-twisting anxiety of round-table critique. I believe in giving thoughtful, kind feedback with the intention of helping a writer get their message across in a way that is clear and respects their unique voice. (And if you prefer it no-nonsense, I can simply mark recommended changes.)

Qualifications. I spent several years as a proofreader for a lifestyle magazine, am the editor of a travel blog, and have significant experience editing short and medium-length fiction in various genres. I’m a native speaker and majored in English at the University of Michigan. I focused on Old and Middle English and creative writing.

Content & style. I’d be happy to consider any type of work: technical manuals, how-to guides, blog posts, restaurant menus, novels and short fiction, and website or social media copy. I default to the Chicago Manual but will happily adapt to your needs.

ESL. I regularly work with ESL writers, helping them write natural-sounding English. I may ask a lot of questions to ensure I understand a writer’s intent and can accurately guide them. I would also be happy to proofread materials translated into English.

Turnaround time. This will vary by project, but I can usually proofread a clean 30,000-word story within in a few days if my schedule is clear. Beta reading and editing will take longer, especially with fiction. I like to give myself a day or two to reflect on fiction before I offer feedback. (I do a lot of thinking while I wash dishes.) ESL can take 1-2 hours per 1,000 words, depending on the level of correction needed.

Interested in working together? My Gmail is spaceandcashmere.