Most effective DIY fruit fly trap

This is the best fruit fly trap I’ve ever devised (and stylish)! I’ve almost eliminated my little flock of pests overnight.

Here’s what you need:

  • A champagne glass, or the tallest, most narrow glass you can find
  • A small sheet of paper rolled into a cone that can rest in the opening of the glass without sliding down to touch the liquid. I use a piece of tape to keep the shape I need.
  • Apple cider and/or red wine vinegar with a tiny drop of soap.

Pour about an inch of vinegar into the glass and add a drop of soap. Rest your paper cone on the rim, making sure the tapered point doesn’t touch the liquid. If it’s too long, trim it.

Set the trap near the sink or wherever your fruit flies seem to assemble, then leave it alone. With any luck, they’ll be drawn to the sweetness of the apple cider vinegar and wander curiously down the tube, get stuck, and enjoy a final vinegar bath.

If you have the larger type of fruit fly that tends to bombard your face while you’re working on the computer, they seem to like coffee. Make a similar trap with the dregs of your morning cup.

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